Royal Blood Energy (Morphic Field)

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Royal Blood Energy (Morphic Field)

MEF Dynamics
16 ratings

Royal Blood Energy (Morphic Field)

Many years ago, I was asked to create this field by a very well known friend of mine. My friend and many other friends have garnished an endless amount of success utilizing this field alone.

Before all the wealth and fame, My friend came from humble beginnings. He was infatuated Royal Families and their history. I created this field for him and it really made his career sky rocket making this field a must have for many others.

This field is very special as it really brings me joy to be the reason behind changing many people's lives for the better. This field focuses on surrounding your aura with "Royalty Vibrations" or "Royal Blood Energy". This type of energy is felt by people around you enter a room.

Your royal presence will be felt energetically and you will be seen as a leader and higher figure and will be very respected. People will see you as a higher authority as you radiate powerful monarchal vibes.

This also attracts wealth and success into your life as wealth and success go hand and hand with being royalty. This will also attract material things that you desire in your life as well.

This field also helps you attract wealthy and successful friends, clients and affiliations that can contribute to many financial opportunities and genuine relationships for the long haul.

You are Royalty!


I created this to only work for a good cause. No negative intensions or ill intent will work with this field.

On another note, for those purchasing the cheapest version of my products just to purposely leave a bad review thanks for the cash and good luck! For those who purchase with good intensions and to show support, please make sure to leave me a good rating so that I can continue to provide great fields here! Thanks buddies!

Versions Available:

Advanced Morphic Field

This Version works at the same level of our youtube and or Patreon versions as it is an Advanced Morphic field providing quick and powerful results. Its no doubt that many users have been reaping the benefits from the fields provided on youtube and patreon. Now you can own the file and listen when you desire without worrying about internet connection.

Tailor-Made Version

The Tailor-Made Version is an advanced Morphic field that caters to the listener by working exclusively for the listener that purchased the field. Be sure to be the first listener when purchasing this field to ensure the max results. Since it targets that one person, it amplifies the effects and results!

Monogrammed Version

This unique version is also an Advanced Morphic field that I invented a while back that literally allows the user to reap the benefits of the tailor-made version while also having other benefits the include even more faster and powerful results. This field will literally interlace your entire being and core to its effects boosting effects tenfold. With this field, it does not matter who listens to it first, as it will only work on you 100%.

Silent Version

Many of my clients in the past requested silent versions of my fields. This version is an advanced field that allows you to reap the benefits of the Tailor-made and Monogrammed Version all in one and the only difference is that it is completely silent. Many individuals prefer silent fields for many different reasons.

Revolutionary Version

I created this field as one of my most recent advanced morphic field versions. It works by combing the Tailor-Made and Monogrammed Versions while also bringing in astonishingly fast results! I like to revamp and use new techniques as I always stay ahead of the times. I do not believe in just always using the same methods always. This is why my fields considered "Advanced" and not just your normal morphic field. Its Revolutionary since it combines modern and untapped futuristic techniques that are absolutely incredible! Most of my A-listers usually purchase this version or the Ultra-Dynamics Version.

Ultra-Dynamics Version

This is just totally next level! This version combines all the previous versions in one and basically provides the fastest and most powerful results period. My A-listers mostly purchase this version when they need quick results for their lifestyles. I normally charge my clients thousands of dollars for these fields but I want my work to available to the public as a way of me giving back to the blessings that I received. Plus I feel as this will help humanity as a whole once more people become involved with fields in general.

Ultra-Dynamics Version (Rain Version)

This is an Ultra-Dynamics Version but with Pure Rain sounds instead of the original music. Over the years, many clients sometimes prefer to hear rain sounds then the actual song. It contains the same power as the Ultra Dynamics version. Enjoy!

*ALL purchases are instant downloads

*You Will receive an email with Mp3 link to your field.

*Headphones are always optional (Yes you can use headphones with my fields)

*These fields work only for the person who has purchased as it focuses and targets only this one person to provide fast and powerful results!

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