NZT 100 (Version XM) - Morphic Field

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NZT 100 (Version XM) - Morphic Field

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it?

When you're fully immersed in your tasks, time just seems to slip away! I found myself so absorbed in my work that I had to create a field where time slows down, just to fit in more tasks. Yes this field will be be available in the near future. I literally realized I almost forgot about managing my semi-website amidst all my other goals and projects. (Apologies for the hiatus!)

But, to make up for the wait, I've brought something special – a tool I personally use and trust, and now, you'll get to experience it too!

Introducing NZT 100! Yes, I know you might have seen the movie "Limitless" a while back. In "Limitless," NZT-48 is a fictional drug that unlocks the full potential of the human brain.

But here's the kicker – it actually exists, and only a select few have access to it (I am sure you can imagine who - smh) . What surprised me even more was that "they" allowed the movie to be released, considering "they" typically keep such things hidden from the public. Perhaps "they" believe the public is so asleep at this point that no one will take it seriously. Interestingly, it's not called NZT, but that's a story for another time.

This version of NZT is gonna blow your socks off!

NZT 100, the pinnacle of cognitive enhancement, a marvel of morphic field mastery far surpassing its predecessor, "NZT 48". As the mastermind behind its creation, I can elucidate the boundless potential it offers. (Sorry for tooting my own horn here).

Firstly, NZT 100 achieves unparalleled neural optimization. It enhances synaptic connections to an extraordinary degree, fostering instantaneous information processing and retrieval. Imagine accessing the entirety of human knowledge with a mere thought, effortlessly synthesizing complex concepts, and solving intricate problems with lightning speed. (This happens with continued use)

Furthermore, NZT 100 boasts enhanced neuroprotective properties. Unlike its predecessor, it shields the brain from oxidative stress, neuroinflammation, and neurodegeneration. This means not only heightened cognitive abilities but also sustained mental acuity and longevity. (Very Important!)

In terms of memory enhancement, NZT 100 revolutionizes the landscape. It doesn't just amplify memory recall; it enables perfect recall, akin to effortlessly rewinding and replaying life's most intricate details with pristine clarity. This ability to store and retrieve information with absolute precision is a quantum leap beyond the capabilities of NZT 48.

Moreover, NZT 100 augments creativity to unprecedented levels. It unleashes the full spectrum of imaginative faculties, transcending conventional boundaries of innovation. Users experience a continuous flow of ingenious ideas, unfettered by inhibitions or creative blocks.

Physiologically, NZT 100 optimizes bodily functions in symbiosis with cognitive enhancement. It fine-tunes neurotransmitter balance, regulates hormonal fluctuations, and bolsters immune defenses. This holistic approach ensures peak performance on all fronts, fostering a state of profound well-being and vitality.

In essence, NZT 100 represents a paradigm shift in human potential. It empowers individuals to transcend the confines of ordinary cognition, unlocking the limitless horizons of the mind. With its unparalleled potency and multifaceted benefits, NZT 100 heralds a new era of enlightenment and innovation.

and just when you got excited from reading all of that, here is more even more exciting stuff for you!

Main Benefits:

Limitless Intelligence: NZT 100 elevates cognitive functions to unprecedented levels, providing users with an unparalleled degree of intelligence and mental acuity. The enhancement is so profound that users can effortlessly grasp and synthesize complex concepts from diverse fields of knowledge.

Unparalleled Memory Recall: Unlike NZT 48, NZT 100 enables perfect memory recall, allowing users to access any memory with absolute clarity and precision. It's like having a flawless database of personal experiences and acquired knowledge at one's fingertips, ready for instant retrieval.

Enhanced Neuroprotection: NZT 100 goes beyond cognitive enhancement by offering robust neuroprotective properties. It shields the brain from oxidative stress, neuroinflammation, and neurodegeneration, ensuring sustained mental health and longevity.

Unparalleled Creativity: NZT 100 unleashes boundless creativity, enabling users to generate innovative ideas and solutions effortlessly. The enhancement is not just about thinking outside the box; it's about transcending the box altogether, exploring new realms of imagination and innovation.

Optimized Physiological Function: NZT 100 optimizes bodily functions in harmony with cognitive enhancement. It regulates neurotransmitter balance, hormonal fluctuations, and immune responses, fostering a state of holistic well-being and vitality.

Rapid Learning and Adaptation: With NZT 100, learning becomes a lightning-fast process. Users can absorb new information rapidly and adapt to new situations with ease, accelerating personal and professional growth to extraordinary levels.

Enhanced Decision Making: NZT 100 sharpens decision-making skills to a razor's edge, enabling users to make optimal choices in any situation. The heightened cognitive clarity and intuition provided by NZT 100 facilitate strategic thinking and effective problem-solving.

Heightened Focus and Concentration: Promotes intense focus and concentration, allowing users to immerse themselves in tasks for extended periods without distraction. This heightened mental clarity enables efficient multitasking and rapid information processing.

Elevated Emotional Intelligence: In addition to cognitive enhancements, NZT 100 augments emotional intelligence, enabling users to navigate interpersonal relationships with empathy, insight, and finesse. This heightened emotional awareness fosters deeper connections and enhances social dynamics.

Peak Physical Performance: Like its predecessor, NZT 100 temporarily enhances physical performance, providing users with increased stamina, reduced fatigue, and heightened reflexes. This synergy between cognitive and physical enhancement ensures peak performance in all aspects of life.

In essence, NZT 100 represents the epitome of human potential, offering users a transformative experience that transcends the boundaries of ordinary cognition. With its unparalleled potency and multifaceted benefits, NZT 100 heralds a new era of enlightenment and empowerment.

With all that said, it doesn't seem like a hard pill to swallow does it!! Let's get it!!

On another note, for those purchasing the cheapest version of my products just to purposely leave a bad review thanks for the cash and good luck! For those who purchase with good intensions and to show support, please make sure to leave me a good rating so that I can continue to provide great fields here! Thanks buddies!

Another new scam that these guys are doing is purchasing the cheapest version, rated it to 1 star than asking for a refund - smh it doesn't stop. If this continues I will expose these people as they might be some of your favorite field makers (smh) its crazy what people do these days.


For those purchasing my fields just to resell them or "trade" them for other fields, keep in mind that these fields are catered to the individual who purchased the field, since the fields are created for the purchaser, they will not work for others (maybe a little) as the purpose of the field is to focus on the person who purchased the field 100%. Please stop the non-sense as it can even be harmful in certain situations.


The new scam is that they buy my fields and then report it as a fraud to their credit card company to get reimbursed. But guess what , this fields are now designed to not work when fraudulent acts are committed.

(SMH , the things I go thru on a daily basis (Sigh)

Versions Available:

Advanced Morphic Field

This Version works at the same level of our youtube and or Patreon versions as it is an Advanced Morphic field providing quick and powerful results. Its no doubt that many users have been reaping the benefits from the fields provided on youtube and patreon. Now you can own the file and listen when you desire without worrying about internet connection.

Tailor-Made Version

The Tailor-Made Version is an advanced Morphic field that caters to the listener by working exclusively for the listener that purchased the field. Be sure to be the first listener when purchasing this field to ensure the max results. Since it targets that one person, it amplifies the effects and results!

Monogrammed Version

This unique version is also an Advanced Morphic field that I invented a while back that literally allows the user to reap the benefits of the tailor-made version while also having other benefits the include even more faster and powerful results. This field will literally interlace your entire being and core to its effects boosting effects tenfold. With this field, it does not matter who listens to it first, as it will only work on you 100%.

Revolutionary Version

I created this field as one of my most recent advanced morphic field versions. It works by combing the Tailor-Made and Monogrammed Versions while also bringing in astonishingly fast results! I like to revamp and use new techniques as I always stay ahead of the times. I do not believe in just always using the same methods always. This is why my fields considered "Advanced" and not just your normal morphic field. Its Revolutionary since it combines modern and untapped futuristic techniques that are absolutely incredible! Most of my A-listers usually purchase this version or the Ultra-Dynamics Version.

Ultra-Dynamics Version

This is just totally next level! This version combines all the previous versions in one and basically provides the fastest and most powerful results period. My A-listers mostly purchase this version when they need quick results for their lifestyles. I normally charge my clients thousands of dollars for these fields but I want my work to available to the public as a way of me giving back to the blessings that I received. Plus I feel as this will help humanity as a whole once more people become involved with fields in general.

Ultra-Dynamics Version (Rain Version)

This is an Ultra-Dynamics Version but with Pure Rain sounds instead of the original music. Over the years, many clients sometimes prefer to hear rain sounds then the actual song. It contains the same power as the Ultra Dynamics version. Enjoy!

*NEW* Ultra-Dynamics Version (Silent Version)

Due to Popular Demand We Created this Silent Version - Ultra Dynamics Version Option: This is an Ultra-Dynamics Version but completely Silent. Over the years, many clients sometimes prefer a completely silent version. It contains the same power as the Ultra Dynamics version. Enjoy!

*ALL purchases are instant downloads

*All fields / orders deemed "Fraudulent" are programmed to stop working when you try to claim fraud.

*You Will receive an email with Mp3 link to your field.

*Headphones are always optional (Yes you can use headphones with my fields)

*These fields work only for the person who has purchased as it focuses and targets only this one person to provide fast and powerful results!

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Hey Buds, Due to many scammers purchasing my products to purposely lower the rating and then fight for a refund, we have canceled refunding for now. We apologize for any inconvenience as 99% of the refunds were from individuals who purchased the lowest priced version of the product to lower the rating and then issue refund. Sorry buddies.

Last updated Apr 24, 2024

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NZT 100 (Version XM) - Morphic Field

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